Simply Disc Golf is made up of a group of passionate disc golfers who love writing, researching, and sharing their insights with other enthusiasts about the sport.

Since gaining popularity during the pandemic, disc golf has continued to expand globally, and statistics show a 50% increase in the number of courses being built daily from 2020, as well as a significant increase in other countries besides the U.S. adopting the sport into a national pastime.

The team at Simply Disc Golf includes both amateur and professional PDGA tournament-winning players and professional writers who have spent years playing and educating themselves about the sport and are now excited to share the latest tips and tricks, tournament news, and disc golf disc reviews with new players.

The Ultimate Disc Golf Website

At you can find a variety of information about the popular sport, including new facts about your favorite PDGA tournament players, such as Nate Sexton and Kona Panis, and which golf discs they choose to use.

You can also find expert guides, tips, and reviews on several key topics, like:

11 Basic Disc Golf Rules For Beginners

This gives you a rundown of the official PDGA rules of the sport but in a more digestible and easy-to-understand way.

In this guide, you will find the 11 key rules that are essential to correctly play disc golf, including teeing rules, putting rules, how to accurately throw your disc golf disc, and precisely the right way to stand.

How Many Discs Do You Need For Disc Golf?

As a beginner, it may be overwhelming when you first get started playing disc golf, but in this article, Simply Disc Golf, explains how many discs you will need, along with the brands that professional players use.

How To Calculate Disc Golf Round Ratings: A Guide

If you are starting to wonder about joining a local disc golf tournament, then this guide details how players are rated and removes any ambiguity on scratch scoring, rating propagators, and how to accurately pick which division to get involved with.

9 Pro Tips For Spectating Your First Disc Golf Tournament

Whether you are a player looking to learn some new skills from the professionals or are an enthusiast who loves the sport, the idea of attending your first disc golf tournament can seem a little daunting.

Simply Disc Golf provides you with the correct way to behave at the event, when you should consider buying your tickets, and the essentials you should bring.

A Guide To The Disc Golf European Open Championship  

This coveted disc golf tournament is full of professionals competing to earn the number one spot.

You can read all about the event’s history, as well as when it was established and a list of previous winners.

The 15 Best Discs For Backhand Throws

When first learning about disc golf, the sheer amount of rules, types of discs, throws, and the best courses to play on, can seem mind-boggling.

That is why the team at Simply Disc Golf has created this helpful guide on the 15 best discs specifically used for backhand throws (usually the first move beginners learn.)

You will find an in-depth explanation of why backhand throws are considered one of the fastest and strongest methods to throw your disc golf disc, as well as examples of the best distance drivers for backhand throws.

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